Competitive POS System

In order to accurately grasp the consumption and service demand, PC WORLD is committed to build a more comprehensive BQ POS and BA services information system. After three years of research and development, large investment in manpower and effort, stepped into the second-generation POS service information system in 2007. This specific system was design to match PC WORLD process flow, not only for software and hardware and peripheral equipment replacement and re-integration, it also design for better ability to play a high-performance information.

Structure of a second-generation BA, BQ POS system's powerful intelligence services will be the competitive point to analysis on the sales report, can be send by centralized multi-media product information, second-generation BA POS service system to provide accurate service information and effectively improve on service levels to quickly solve the consumer demand.


IT a key to enlarge future life imagination scale. Second-generation POS services driven the improvement of peripheral system's overall e-promotion, not only become the most powerful PC WORLD franchise support and continue giving consumers a more convenient life.