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PC WORLD member card issued by the PC WORLD SDN. BHD, and retain as PC WORLD SDN. BHD. property. PC WORLD SDN. BHD. has the power to amend the terms of the scheme where necessary, including members benefits , services and refer to the latest revised version shall prevail. Those who do not follow the member plan or improper usage. PC WORLD SDN. BHD has the right to withdraw or terminate the membership card and the cardholder's benefits, if necessary, will no longer approved the application or reprocess the member card.

Membership :

01. PC WORLD members club program the participants must be Malaysian (whether
     permanent or temporary) residents and the age cannot younger than 16 years old.
     Once you participate in this program, indicated that you reached the 16 years of age;
     once activate the membership of the program, you agree to the rules associated with
     the program.

02. Membership is applicable only in Malaysia "PC WORLD" brand outlets. Joining date
     consider as the membership activation date. Voucher and coupons are limited to the
     use within the member card application region PC WORLD store.
03 memberships are not transferable and are subject to the membership program rules of
     the bound.

04 membership cards, voucher limit to member owner use, cannot be redeemed for cash,
     may not be transferred, and sold.
05 PC WORLD member card and cell phone card only applicable in the PC WORLD
     outlets and PC WORLD partners promotional activities from time to time. PC WORLD
     membership card cannot be used as a credit card or deposit.

06.Lost Membership Card cannot re-submit


07 every voucher valid for rebate on purchase goods and services in PC WORLD outlets.

08 vouchers are divided into RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50 options.
09 vouchers are valid with promotional offers and shall not exceed the purchase amount.
    Unless specified there is no exchange voucher will be valid for 6 months from the date
10 vouchers cannot be exchange for cash, convertible without making change, can only be
    used once for each voucher. Not valid for some of the goods and services and non-
    deductible Points coupons lost, expired cannot be retroactive.
11 PC WORLD not responsible of address changing or other contact information changes
    caused by inability to communicate and voucher cannot be delivered

Membership cancellation, modification, expiration and termination

12 you notify PC WORLD cancel your membership at any time. Cancellation will effect
     after 1 week.
13 PC WORLD may at any time, in any circumstances without prior notification, terminate
     or modify the plan and rules of membership. Once terminate plan or the rules, PC
     WORLD will no longer be any obligation on the member.

14 No transaction within two years, your membership will automatically terminate.
15 If your membership was canceled or expired, your points and gifts will automatically
16 PC WORLD reservations the right to terminate your membership

General Terms

17 PC WORLD member Club the property of the PC WORLD SDN. BHD. located at 339-A,

18 as PC WORLD member, you agree to accept from PC WORLD advertising, promotional
     materials and other forms of communication.

19 PC WORLD symbols such as the company's labels design in Chinese, English and are
    belongs to PC WORLD SDN BHD.


Personal information provided will be in full compliance with privacy protection policies. If you're interested in terms of this policy, please log on to www.pcw.my

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Agreed Regulations


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