" PC WORLD " was originally known as SOFT WORLD, established in 1995 and renamed as PC WORLD in 1997. We dealt in computer software then and soon developed into a computer retailer one-stop service. We succeeded in building up PC WORLD brand in the computer market among other competitors. We obtained ISO:9001 authentication since 2006, achieved 7th SME small and medium enterprise's award in 2008the 8th the Asia Pacific International Enterprise's Excellent Award,  Excellence Service Quality Award in 2009 TOP brands,  " SME 100 Awards and 1957 Malaysian Independences Awards - Efficiency Enterprise.

In the early stage, factors such as computer retail price competition caused the vicious cycle of the market. This has influenced the development of the trade and indirectly involved the operation of enterprises.  But PC WORLD has not " surrendered "  We experienced time of effort and exploration, seeking change, integration of Chinese and Western experiences and insights. We finally broke through difficult times in 2004, successfully established a local computer store brand and embarked on the franchise track.

The company has a group of young, professionals, highly qualified management and technical personnel. They are set up with rich experiences and innovative ideas in modern enterprise group. Introduced research and development, digested and absorbed advanced ripe management software engineering and products both at local and national. We moved forward position to Hi-Tech field generation and try hard to offer to the masses of users soonest possible.

Our companies adhere to the service guide, talent-driven, innovation, energy, technology as our core to provide users with first-class technology and services. We adhere to a high degree of social responsibility and customer's sense of mission to catch up with the frontier of science and technology development in coordination with the company's combined to create a modern spirits and new culture enterprise.

Company mission: GET TO YOUR LIFE

Company vision: To enrich people life and environment

Enterprise Aim: Dedicated to customer service

Dedication to customer service strategies:

  • For customer service, customer demand is the driving force behind the development of PC World.
  • Providing the products to customer and providing solutions to help customers grow are the target of PC WORLD.
  • Quality products, good services, lower operating cost, priority to meet customer needs, enhance customer competitiveness and profitability.


  • Improve the service
  • Set up the image
  • Research and develop innovation
  • Look for novelty changes pursuing
  • Participate in wholly
  • Gain sharing
  • Popularize science and technology
  • Repay the society


Share the knowledge and joy/fun:   

  • Let customers get more professional information and happiness by sharing the knowledge.

Memorable shopping experience:

  • Let customer have a good shopping experience by providing an excellent environment.

Professional and friendly maintenance service:

  • Establish a trusting relationship with customers during servicing is the key to success.

Intimate membership system:

  • Build the loyalty of customers by concern about them.

Set the trend:

  • Treasures and create an impressive image.

Franchise system

In alliance with PC WORLD franchise means having a successful mode of management and adequate follow-up support. This has greatly reduce the risk of pioneering individually and yet easier to achieve success.

Market system

Nowadays IT profession has customers from all walks of life with different demands but the services and management are still poor as Malaysia hasn’t have any IT brand franchise. PC WORLD emulate experiences from successful franchise establishment, management and development which match with SQPT Services. High  percentage of system management and the influence of organization culture will raise and yet obtain more market share.

Technique system

PC WORLD has an excellent basic of software management in local market as we have gather up talents in software management. We have our own Business Application Software which is stable, efficient, full-scale and flexible. After connecting to the centralize system, customer database can be achieved which increase the level of individual management service, stabilize loyalty of customer and reduce cost.

Talent system

The competition of branded PC is the competition of talent. Many institutions have advance development as they have outstanding sales services and the pool of talents and so do PC WORLD. They have wider knowledge of marketing and computer management which has assure the development of institution. However, the company still emphasize on the team learning by providing training continuously to increase the quality of the staffs.

Management system

In the internal management of the institution, we has established overall system Quality Control, Store, Warranty, Brand, Expenses Raise and develop staffs’ management and professional skill. PC WORLD franchise has fixed training and management organization which will unify the software and hardware.

Brand system

At present, most of the individual computer shop do not care about customer networking, brand marketing plan, culture of organization, training and so on. This caused them to have a weak brand consciousness, innovation, market positioning, characteristic and brand image. However, PC WORLD has set branded as target of development which will establish stronger sales and online purchase

Marketing system

As the headquarters provide alliance with the plan of propaganda of advertising and so on, this will be saving the time and cost of partners and yet a small amount of fund will get the biggest propaganda effect.

When The Company Expands The Business Domain To The Rural Area:

While going to the rural area to expand in company's business, people will asks if it is worth it for developing business?

The answer is: To deserve and be meaningful, the business success or failure does not lie in how much money you make. 

Many years ago, a customer has agreed to send his computer to me for maintenance in city the center. I waited for a whole day, but he failed to turn up without any reason. I felt disappointed and thought that perhaps he was unable to come due to certain reasons. 2 weeks later under the hot afternoon, I looked outside from the window of my shop. I saw the customer using his right arm to carry the computer, the left hand to carry the keyboard and mouse, walked with a limp. Then I left and went forward to open the door to greet him at once. He was struggling with the computer. Actually he did not fail to keep the appointment that day; rather it is because he was too shy to trouble us to make outdoor service because he lives far from the city. His child needed to use the computer. He had only a shabby motorcycle and rode it to PC World with his son bringing the computer. Our shop were about 20km from his house.

Because of carelessness, they fell of the bike and damaged the computer case. Son's condition was serious, with fracture arm and has already been discharged from hospital. Looking at the incident caused me to feel apologetic. We determined to give a brand-new computer to him but he refused our gesture and thanked us. This taught me that accomplishment has nothing to do with being rich or poor, educated or none, without higher knowledge. He has more social value than other lofty person. He reminded me to treat people and conduct oneself in society with responsibility.  The company vision was setup since that day, all the service and marketing tactics will emphasize on citizen welfare and security matter. Let the citizen get the most convenient service, shorten their journey and reduce unnecessary risk in sending computers for servicing.

Our mission is to "be dedicated to customer service ". The favorable efforts to citizen are implemented progressively with “responsibility" being the most importance key for all PC WORLD future plans.


A dull afternoon with few cars on the street, the air seemed motionless and in this sleepy period of time, me and another employee are settling some problem. The door suddenly open and a 50 to 60 year-old man followed by a young man entered my small scale computer shop. The old man has a dark complexion, old-style trousers covered with pieces of the washed off T-shirt and a pairs of gray black sandals. The young man dressed in an outdated piece of cheap blue jeans and Pangkor island T-shirt. The old man look humbly shy while the young man's face could not conceal his excitement. I greeted them. Old man was shy and speechless, saying that he wanted to buy a computer for his son to learn. They have shallow knowledge of the computer. He was always nodding. I can totally feel their confidence in me. After a long conversation, when the father and son busy on the selection of computer, he raised his head and ask me if he need to pay cash if he buys now? Because back then, the company was still small, so we do not keep stock. Each order needs to be back-to-back order. At that time I told him to pay only RM300 deposit and collect the ready computer set after 4 days. At the same time I saw the son looking at his father's with concerned eye. The father and son discussed for a while. The son asked his father to buy the computer priced at RM4899 which was most expensive.

Frankly speaking, I was worried, because a bowl of wonton noodles cost RM8 then and there is no installment allowed. I quickly turn the situation around and try to smooth things out. At the end, unexpectedly, the father did not hesitate. He pulled out a bunch of pink plastic bag containing the money! I have to use "a pile of" to describe it, because it is a mixed bundle of folded money. The old man place the money gently down on the table, with small value of  RM2, RM5 and RM10! From this, I can imagine money is not earn to easy. It is earned from hawkers and other hard-earned money jobs. I wondered how long it took him to save the amount? I did not dare to ask. I am afraid and I am feel sorry. That one afternoon, the father and I spent around 30 minutes counting the money. They fully paid the balance and was apologetic about carrying this amount of money. What I saw was a great father caring for the child's education. And I also saw a fully trustable and acceptable man. I certainly happy to close a sale but that sale is not important for me.

I feel like I was virtually helping this father and son because the computer sets costing
was over the selling price. I think this is the only thing I can give back to him for his full trust and confidence on me. A few days later, the father and son came to my shop. The moment the son collected the new pc set, he was all smiles and his eyes brightened with joy. I took 2 hours to teach him how to use the computer. Before leaving the father was thankful and still humble. I helped them to carry the computer set into the car. I felt grateful and blessed. Hope that all parents can be like the father, with such attentiveness to their childrens' education and future so that the next generation can lead a better and comfortable live. As a result, this single transaction earned was not money, but the father's share of earned "trust".

Colleagues In An Accident:

Many years ago, while everyone prepared to have lunch, the phone rang. The wife of my new colleague called informing that he met with an accident on the way to work that morning. He met with a car accident. She did not explain his condition but judging from her anxious voice, I knew the situation was not good. When I arrived at the General Hospital at the end of the corridor, I saw a pregnant woman. She had haggard eyes, red and swollen, teary, showing heartbrokenness. There were a group of his family members, looking solemned. At that moment my heart felt so painful. I approached to say hello, as this was my first time knowing his family. Looked across the room window, I saw him lying on the bed, with body full of intubation and instrumentation.  The head was wrapped with gauze. His cheeks, lips and limbs are all injured. Eyes and facial bruises were too outrageous. I almost did not recognized him! His wife said he was on his way to work and was hit by an on going lorry. Her tears hardly stopped and I could not bear to raise other question.

Seeing the hard-working colleague, laying there dying, I feel particularly heavy with emotions. He was working in KL and just came back to his hometown to take care of his pregnant wife and parents. He lived at the rural area and needed to take about 40 minutes drive to the office. In order to save on expenses, he rode a motorcycle to work every day. The doctors couldn't say if he could survive this ordeal. I was really worried that she would not be able to handle the situation as she was about to give birth. However at that time, in addition to giving financial help and a few comforting words, there was nothing I could do. We prayed for him and hope there will be a miracle. After several days, a miracle finally happened! The moment I received the good news, I was truly relieved and began to resume normal work. 

I began to think of the impact of the accident. If the staff do not need to travel long distances to come to work, then he would not have a car accident. If he work near to home, then he might be able to escape the day of the accident. What can I do to help those young people who want to stay in their hometown? What we can do is to create more rural employment or entrepreneurial opportunities, then the young people do not need to travel long to cities.

 PC WORLD uphold SQPT the business philosophy over the years. This is to provide high-quality technology products and services, management strength and quality of power towards the country.

We hope to achieve three major company positioning:
Facilitate, Opportunities, Freedom.
In a business, customer’s needs are the main aspect to be considered. Yet, PC WORLD’s goal is 100% customer satisfaction and zero complain.

To provide the best product and service quality which are the driving forces that keep us progress unceasingly.

Information platform is ever changing. In order to get the trust of customers, we provide the most professional service crews to boost our competitive power.

Trust worthy
The management must be honest and credible because the customers not only purchase the products but also in the company’s pledge and faith.

7 Years Free Service
7 years pc & note book free service

Excellent Choice For You
7 days product change warranty

Service Is Our Core Product
7 days service protection

You Save With Us
7 days price protection

Love Sharing
Social responsibility

Code of Ethics
PC WORLD’S technology operations guidelines require companies employees to maintain a high level of professional ethics.

Values include:
Pure - Responsibility - Teamwork - Firm - Justice - Grateful

creates a learning organization with efforts carried out from various aspects. We provide training courses for PC WORLD employees and customers, including new staff cultural training, on job training and customer-specific training.

In order to help new employees adapt to our corporate culture, PC WORLD training includes the corporate culture, product knowledge, marketing skills, as well as various aspects of product development standards. Training time may consist from one month to three months due to different duty and nature of work.

PC WORLD has a comprehensive job training program, which includes management and technical aspects. In order to provide effective help for each employee’s career development, staff training program will be set up for difference categories, professional qualifications and grade.

Beside providing staff with a variety of training resources to help with their self-improvement, skills and abilities of employees will also be identified.

Tutor System
has established an effective mentor system to help new employees adapt to PC WORLD. Senior staff will become a mentor to new staff, to answer and guide new staff, and other aspects of working life. It includes the company's introduction to the company environment and to help them overcome the difficulties in duty that may arise.

Within 3 months, the mentor will be responsible for the performance of new employees. New employees performance will also affect the performance of the mentor.

In each sector, we are equipped with an experienced team of consultants to provide staff support to the new employee’s working or personal life problems. We use their extensive work and life experience to provide effective recommendations and advices.

PC WORLD’S bi-directional channel qualifications for promotion and job demands combined so that employee management potential and management skill can lead a employee to become management staff. Meanwhile devote to research and development in technology and marketing, technology expertise and sales capabilities of employees through employee business plan to become "entrepreneurs" provided a broad space of employee career growth.

management positions are open to all races. This is so that company can form a diverse management team, organizing various activities to implement cross-cultural understanding and to improve team cohesion.

upholds equal opportunities policy which reflected in our recruitment work. Race, sex, region, age, pregnancy or disability are not a consideration point of PC WORLD’S recruitment process. At the same time, PC WORLD have also established anti-discrimination policies, and comply with local labor law requirements.

provides more flexible working hours and environment friendly for physically handicapped employees.

Information center of citizen
Due to the low rate of return on investment, underpopulated and unsatisfactory geographically environment rural areas, services and information infrastructure are usually not very well developed.

PC WORLD to facilitate the rural customers to get faster service and knowledge. Besides carrying out commercial activities, we also provide training to the related business, development consulting and technical services. This is to help local businesses to fully grasp the science and technology; and to sustainable development in business. PC WORLD are concerned about the sustainable development of society and the environment as a starting point. We want to make great effort to dispel the growth differences between the urban and rural areas. Through science and technology, we hope to provide people with more work, life, education, entrepreneurial opportunities and social environment.

Love Sharing
The company is concerned about the orphans and disabled childrens' life and growth, education, environment and other issues. PC WORLD has setup the plan and program for these kid’s.

135 The 7th Malaysia SME Young Enterpreneur Award
Transport Minister
YB Dato' Sri Ong Tee Keat 
28 Malaysia Independence Award 1957
Finance Minister - Deputies
YB Dato' Wira Chor Chee Heong
29 The 8th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2009
Transport Minister
YB Dato' Sri Ong Tee Keat
115 The 5th Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand 2009
Finance Minister - Deputies
YB Dato' Wira Chor Chee Heong
27 SME 100 Award 2009 - Malaysia Fast Moving Companies
Finance Minister
Dato' Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah
31 The 7th Malaysia SME Rising Star Award
International Trade and Industry Minister
Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan
30 ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certified
34 2009 Asia Pacific Excellence Top Brand




Excellent results thanks to the orange team, led by PC WORLD. Success is due to the core team deploying the unified science and leadership. PC WORLD team was build up by a group of core team with values of responsibility, solidarity, justice, firmness and gratefulness. They emphasized on group benefits, with overall point of view, customer as priority consideration point to achieve team and personal interests of harmonization. The courage, firm and indomitable spirit of young people's passion and vitality, pioneering spirit and distinctive features. PC WORLD relies on indomitable perseverance and pioneering spirit to achieve success. PC WORLD’s team work together and complement each other.

PC WORLD developed in recent years due to the company persistancy in using the system of team work, with oversight to enhance the team. It was activated by using education, teamwork, awareness of rules, ideas heritage and cultural identity to build the management team. This enable the team to fight in the present and beyond, changing market and hone in continuously be enhanced and become the company's strong backing for long-term development.
PC WORLD team still has a long way to go. PC WORLD team will further strengthen the team, to attract talented people to expand and enhance the competitiveness of the team. Through the efforts of all colleagues, the company would be healthy and grow rapidly. It has become the computer retail chain of the most shining star.

Letter To CEO

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